101 Secrets for Your Twenties by Paul Angone

By Paul Angone

From again Cover:

What do you do should you hit your twenties and discover the existence you knew for the final 20 years has been replaced, twisted, or hash-tagged into anything you weren't expecting?

Secret #12: Your twenties will produce extra failure than you'll decide to bear in mind. the secret is: if you happen to fail, don't commence calling your self a failure.

Secret #35: Obsessive comparability ailment is the smallpox of our iteration. keep in mind that everyone seems to be too busy placing a PR spin on their fb profile to care a lot approximately yours.

Secret #44: The Freshman-Fifteen is not anything in comparison to the Cubicle-Cincuenta. Don't take a seat at your computing device perched like a Roman gargoyle letting place of work birthday cake be compelled upon you.

Discover ninety-eight different secrets and techniques for rocking your post-college, grown-up lifestyles during this book!

"This booklet is a must-read for twenty-somethings and past who're being affected by the best way to navigate in today's hyper-connected, chaotic world-and the booklet itself is formatted as a enjoyable, enticing page-turner."
-Jenny Blake, writer of existence After collage: the whole consultant to Getting What You Want

"I regularly inform people who I'm having fun with my 30s far more than my 20s and now i do know why: I didn't have this booklet! secrets and techniques #21 and #36 on my own may have helped me via such a lot of occasions. I can't let you know how chuffed i'm that this booklet exists for the subsequent generation!"
-Bryan Allain, writer, writer of Killer Tribes

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