150 Questions For A Guerrilla by Alberto Bayo

By Alberto Bayo

Normal Alberto Bayo is in all probability the single person such a lot chargeable for Fidel Castro's army successes opposed to the Batista regime. locate the solutions to such questions as what's the best dimension of a guerrilla unit? How will new volunteers gain knowledge of? What could be performed if the enemy hearth on us all of sudden?

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N. In larger offices they will let loose rats and feed them with cheese until they adapt to the place and can operate by themselves. They will also try to blow the light bulbs in the offices and try to cause a short-circuit. Page 43 of 52 ONE HUNDRED FIFTY QUESTIONS TO A GUERRILLA o. While traveling on the train or other public means of transportation they will cut the seats with razors or scissors, etc. In the stadiums or other games they will protest and disturb the peace by yelling against the authorities, the police, etc.

Should we remove all doors within the house? All the doors within the house must be removed or pulled away except those of the rooms where food and ammunition are kept. 133. How do we arrange the houses that make one block? They must all be connected by passages made in the separation walls; these passages should not be higher than one meter or wider than sixty centimeters so that people can go through one by one only and stooping. This prevents the enemy from entering a house ready to attack the defenders.

He will attempt to keep a good record of his own men and of those who in the last minute jumped onto the bandwagon of revolution. These new volunteers will be registered in a card with complete information and two pictures, and will be requested to sign their service record which will be passed to purging committees for verification. Page 50 of 52 ONE HUNDRED FIFTY QUESTIONS TO A GUERRILLA 149. What will be the attitude of the chief toward the indignation of the masses and their intentions of revenge against the agents and spies of the people's enemies and the mercenaries of the dictatorship?

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