30 Low-Fat Vegetarian Meals in 30 Minutes by Faye Levy

By Faye Levy

Flavor, velocity, and simplicity are the most elements during this cookbook for the health-conscious vegetarian. The recipes utilize daring seasonings that supply greatest taste with minimal coaching, and every menu serves or 4. so much foodstuff contain 3 recipes equipped round a primary dish with chapters damaged down into menus that includes: pasta, beans, rice, or different grains; one-pot menus; soup; salads; and "savory and sweet" recipes.

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That’s why heat. ) is such a good idea. not be heated. They are essential for providing flexibility in the cell membranes and provide other essential bodily services. The type of fat we eat determines the type of fat we store. The average North American diet is too high in saturated fats. As most of typeS of fat in foodS over 50% saturated fat coconut oil palm oil butter over 50% monounsaturated fats almond oil a vocado canola oil cashew nuts macadamia nuts olive oil over 50% total polyunsaturated fats flax seed oil grapeseed oil pumpkin seed oil safflower oil sesame oil sunflower oil walnut oil wheat germ oil Omega-3 percentage of total fat Omega-6 percentage of total fat 54% trace 5–15% trace trace trace 3–5% 7% 13% 70% 43% 74% 43% 69% 53% 55% Source: Staying Healthy with Nutrition by Elson Haas BREAK IT DOWN • 43 micronUtrientS There are myriad micronutrients and, as you can imagine, they do many great things for our bodies.

Rinating shower and tub filters too. Oh, and you might watch how much water you use – ’cause you don’t want to waste the stuff. See page 69 for more info. XXX. You know it’s true – good health is sexy. Whole-food-eating vegans do taste better. yoga and other restorative exercise (like Tai Chi, Qigong, and Pilates) can have an impressive impact on the quality of your life. It can improve digestion and circulation, and promote a more Zen state of mind. zzzzzz. Get a decent night’s sleep. EAT RIPE • 35 frUit & vegetable checkliSt valuable vegetables As mentioned throughout this book, fruit and o Artichoke o Mushrooms vegetables are an excellent source of water, o Arugula (rocket) o Mustard greens fiber, energy-rich carbohydrates, and many vi- o Asian greens o Okra tamins and minerals.

Eating (again, to close up • Nuts & seeds. expansive foods can cause a feeling of high • Fat & oil. energy and well-being, and promote spiritual • Herbs & spices: basil, bay and intellectual alertness, but an overabun- leaf, black pepper, caraway, dance can lead to a feeling of “spaciness,” cinnamon, cloves, cori- or lack of grounding. Contractive foods, on • Manifest emotional ander seed, cumin, oregano, the other hand, have a grounding effect, warmth – don’t hiber- thyme. as energy is moving inward and downward, • Other: chocolate, coffee, making you feel solid, rooted, and connected kudzu, miso, salt (retains to the earth.

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