3000 Cuestiones y Problemas de Fisica y Quimica (Spanish by Jose Antonio Fidalgo Sanchez

By Jose Antonio Fidalgo Sanchez

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This quantity contains lecture notes and chosen contributed papers awarded on the overseas summer season college on New advancements in Semiconductor Physics held on the college of Szeged, July 1-6, 1979. the main a part of the contributions during this quantity is expounded to the hot experimental technics and theoretical principles utilized in learn of latest semiconductor fabrics, in most cases III-V semiconductors.

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Acta, 52,2467-2475,1988b. , T. Akai, Y. Akahama, M. Wakatsuki, T. Nakamura, Y. Tomii, K. Koto, Y. Ito, and M. Tokonami, High temperature X-ray study of single crystal stishovite synthesized with Li,WO, as flux, Phys. Chem. Minerals, 13, 146-151,1986. , and H. K. Mao, Static compression of Mg(OH), to 78 GPa at high temperature and constraints on the equation of state of fluid-H,O, J. Geophys. , 98, 11,875-11,884, 1993. , H. K. Mao, J. Shu, J. Hu, PV-T equation of state of magnesiowiistite (Mg,,hFe,,,)O, Phys.

Continued) Names Low Albite, NaAlSi,Oa T range a /3 y v a b c a j? 0000 V V V v v v V V V (I b c V v 294-1044 K 294-963 K 300-10OOK 292-980 K 283-1031 K 292-973 K 298-1000 K 293-1473 K 293-1273 K 298-1073 K 298-1073 K 298-1073 K 298-1073 Y 293-1473 I. 6 Plagioclase, Ab+n, Plagioclase, Ab7+nU Plagioclase, Ab5&nU Plagioclase, AbSAngS Garnets Almandite, Fe3A12Si3012 Audradite, Ca,Fe2Si3012 Cacium-rich garnet Grossularite, Ca&Si3C11, Pyrope, WwWi3012 Spessartite, Mn3A12Si3012 Natural garnet (pyrope-rich) Gehlenite, Ca2A12Si07 Hornblende Kyanite, A12SiOs a0

NaCl, KCl, LiF, and KBr) are not included in this compilation because the data are available in the American Institute of Physics Handbook [41]. Volumes 12 and 13 of Thermophysical Properties of Matter 192, &iq(T) = 2 Xi I$,T~[1 + Ei(T - Tr) ] + V ” (10) where Xi and Zi are the mole fraction and mean thermal expansion coefficient of oxide component i, respectively. 6,~~ is the partial molar volume of component i in the liquid at a reference temperature, T,, and p is the excess volume term. Recent measurements on density and thermal expansion coefficient of silicate liquid are summarized in Tables 3a-3d.

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