A contextual grammar of Acehnese sentences by by Abdul Gani Asyik.

By by Abdul Gani Asyik.

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Panolima: 'army commandant/commander' Titles based on professions: Guru 'teacher' Utoh 'carpenter' Keurani 'clerk, train conductor' Toke 'merchant' Geuchik 'village chief Imum 'a person who is in charge of religious 49 affairs in a village' waki 'assistant (of a king or a village chief)' Mando 'foreman' Titles from kinship terms: abang/dalem : 'elder brother' cut da/da/cutpo: 'elder sister' apa : 'uncle' macut : 'aunt' wa/avah wa : 'great uncle' wa/mawa : 'great aunt' ayah : 'father' ma(k) : 'mother' nek/teungku nek : 'grandmother/grandfather' Only kinship terms for older persons are used as titles that can precede a name.

They are titles, measure nouns, and classifiers and measure phrases. The section on noun derivation discusses the derivation of nouns by three affixes: -eun-, bgurangfra-. and aa~. The second section discusses the derivation of verbs by the following affixes: meu-. peu-. teu-. tu-. -eum-. gi-, and ceu-. This is followed by the last two sections dealing with the derivation of adjectives and adverbs. 1 Nouns Nouns are such words as kayee 'wood,' ureueng 'person,' kameng 'goat,' peunaioh 'food,' eleumee 'science,' and all words used to name things and ideas.

But sometimes such ordering may cause ungrammaticality. The ordering of 45 pronouns and pronominal affixes in Acehnese is governed by the following constraints. 8. Constraints on Pronoun Ordering. [i] Two pronominal suffixes cannot be ordered in succession in a sentence. [ii] Two identical pronouns cannot be placed one after another in succession. [iii] Monosyllabic pronouns and pronouns in their reflexive forms cannot immediately follow their suffixal forms. Although an object can be reduced and cliticized to the verb, as shown by examples (6) and (7) above, it cannot be reduced and cliticized to the verb which already has an enclitic.

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