A Student's Guide to Psychology (Isi Guides to the Major by Daniel Robinson

By Daniel Robinson

A small booklet to introduce somebody to psychology. I loved this learn. the writer gave 2 facets to the foremost arguments and obviously confirmed an summary of a number of the significant avid gamers on the earth of psychology, and philosophy for that topic. i believe its additionally vital to notice that he gave a little a heritage to lots of them too, simply to exhibit the place they got here from and why they could have this type of view. i feel this can be vital, in that we must always additionally glance significantly at the place we're at in psychology at the present time. This publication is especially transparent and to the purpose, appropriately for this sort of small publication!

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After all, what makes events in the nervous system of interest to psychologists is the reliability with which these events are associated with, alas, psychological events and processes. To seek to eliminate these is to seek to eliminate just what it is that gives the nervous system its importance within psychology. 3. The very concept of an explanation is understood in radically different ways in various contexts. The victim of a fatal shooting died (a) owing to wounds and loss of blood, (b) because he was known by his assailant as in possession of a large amount of money, (c) because the money in question had been stolen from the assailant and (d) because the assailant was being blackmailed by the mob.

What he discovered in his clinical practice was a relationship between certain symptoms (paralyses, blindness, severe anxiety) and the repression of psychologically disturbing thoughts or past experiences. In the manner of the conservation laws in physics (which had been discovered in Freud’s lifetime), there seemed to be a psychic energy that was also “con47 Daniel N. Robinson served,” but able to express itself in various ways. Thus, the hysterical symptom could be regarded as the physical manifestation of a process of psychic repression.

It is the analyst, not the patient, who finds the deeper meaning and significance in the patient’s anxieties, hopes, failures. The Freudian perspective is so broad in its expression as to be by now resistant to clear definition. It is a perspective that has influenced philosophy, literary criticism, law, 49 Daniel N. Robinson the arts, and yes, even psychology! It may be that psychology is now less influenced than the others. As for the influences, perhaps the most general are these: 1. A skepticism toward rational explanations of individual actions and cultural values.

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