A Synopsis of Ophthalmology by J. L. C. Martin-Doyle (Auth.)

By J. L. C. Martin-Doyle (Auth.)

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C. Hutchinson's teeth. T h e t w o upper central incisors of the permanent dentition are deformed. T h e r e m a y be a central notch and the teeth m a y be pegshaped and unduly small. T h e milk teeth are not affected. d. Glandular enlargement, especially in the posterior triangles o f the neck. e. T h e limbs should be examined for periosteal nodules and synovitis o f joints. T h e Wassermann reaction will settle the diagnosis. —It must be remembered t h a t v e r y rarely a tuberculous iritis m a y b e associated w i t h a keratitis closely resembling interstitial keratitis.

Affected. T h e acute stage m a y last for months. R a r e l y a unilateral interstitial keratitis occurs in adults, and still more rarely interstitial keratitis m a y occur as a manifestation o f acquired syphilis. P R O G N O S I S . — I n t e r s t i t i a l keratitis shows a marked tendency t o i m p r o v e m e n t , and this must always be borne in m i n d when treating w h a t m i g h t well appear t o the uninitiated t o be a hopeless case. I t is not uncommon in t h e acute stage for the vision t o be d o w n t o hand m o v e m e n t s only, but when complete r e c o v e r y occurs i t m a y be 6/18 or e v e n 6/12.

D . F . P . and phospholine iodide are also in this group. DRUGS AFFECTING INTRA-OCULAR MUSCLES 5. A c t u a l bone formation shrunken eyes. VIII. See sometimes occurs in 45 old B U R N S OF CORNEA CONJUNCTIVAL B U R N S (p. CHAPTER 25). IV DRUGS AFFECTING INTRA-OCULAR MUSCLES T H E ophthalmic surgeon is frequently called upon t o prescribe drugs in order t o dilate or constrict the pupils or t o paralyse accommodation. P u p i l dilators are called mydriatics. P u p i l constrictors are miotics and those which paralyse accommodation are cycloplegics.

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