Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of by Jonathan Shay

By Jonathan Shay

Publish 12 months note: First released in 1994

An unique and groundbreaking publication that examines the mental devastation of conflict through evaluating the warriors of Homer's Iliad with Vietnam veterans being affected by post-traumatic rigidity disorder

In this strikingly unique and groundbreaking ebook, Dr. Shay examines the mental devastation of struggle by means of evaluating the warriors of Homer's Iliad with Vietnam veterans struggling with post-traumatic rigidity disease. even supposing the Iliad used to be written twenty-seven centuries in the past it has a lot to educate approximately strive against trauma, as do the newer, compelling voices and stories of Vietnam vets.

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40 R AT T L E R O N E – S E V E N Flying combat assaults was an entirely different type of flying from resupply. We would fly first to the staging area to join up with a number of other birds. The ACs would get together for a briefing of the assault that we were getting ready to insert. The briefing would consist of the name of the unit that we would be supporting, the time of the assault, and the number of sorties that we would be expected to do. They would also brief the location and coordinates of the assault and the security, or lack of it, in the LZ.

The way they are fighting this war is really stupid. We protect our enemy. If they would fight the war to win, I think it would be over a lot sooner. I just wish that all the protesters could be over here for a while; it might change their minds. It was mid-June, and I had actively been flying in the combat zone for approximately four weeks. I had yet to receive any hits to my aircraft. That would soon change, though I had no way of knowing when. ” The term derived from the expression “to bust your cherry,” meaning to lose your virginity.

You can guess what happened—he filled his pants. Of course, since he was a newbie, his crew claimed that the combat flying scared the shit right out of him. Thank goodness Terry had a good sense of humor, but it took quite some time before they let him live it down. When you were new, your flying did not improve as fast as you would have liked it to. One reason was that you were flying with a different AC every day, and they all flew differently. One day you would fly with an AC who wanted you to shoot your approaches steep and slow, and the next day you would fly with a guy who wanted you to shoot your approaches fast and low.

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