Across the Spanish Main by Harry Collingwood

By Harry Collingwood

Around the Spanish major - A story of the ocean within the Days of Queen Bess is gifted the following in a top quality paperback variation. This renowned vintage paintings by way of Harry Collingwood is within the English language, and should no longer comprise pics or photos from the unique variation. for those who benefit from the works of Harry Collingwood then we hugely suggest this e-book on your e-book assortment.

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The lads gazed earnestly at the mass of figures for some time, trying to fathom its meaning. That a hidden meaning of some kind was attached to it was almost certain, as no sane man would put down a long string of figures to no purpose, or for mere pastime; and if the writer had not intended the meaning to be hidden, he would certainly have used words in preference to a number of mystifying figures. “Roger,” said Harry, “the more I look at this cipher—for cipher I am convinced it is— the more certain do I feel that it is the key to something important or of value.

On another chart, however, they found something that claimed a moment's attention. It was one upon which the position of the Spanish intercepting fleet had been laid down, together with the supposed course that the English vessels would steer, thus proving that they had correctly anticipated the movements of the English. This they put aside, intending to hand it to Cavendish, as it would be of interest to him. “This is probably the document that scoundrel Alvarez was looking for while the Gloria del Mundo was sinking,” said Roger, who had related to Harry all that had happened while he was awaiting death in the cabin of the Spanish vessel.

Yes, I be sartin sure, master,” replied Martin. ” Roger was much puzzled, and also somewhat perturbed; he therefore determined to inform the captain of what he and Martin had observed, immediately upon his return to the ship, but to say nothing to the men until the work on shore was finished, for fear of distracting their attention from the task in hand. This was soon completed, and Roger, calling the men together, got them into the boats and they pulled back to the ships, leaving the party of men from the Tiger upon their own vessel, and taking his own crew on board the flag-ship.

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