Against the World: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Portland by Kerry Eggers, Dwight Jaynes

By Kerry Eggers, Dwight Jaynes

The path Blazers have risen to the top of the basketball global yet have come away simply in need of their target of an NBA championship. The e-book explores why the path Blazers have arise brief and appears on the background that led them to the pinnacle in their

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Instead it drew its audience from the underground, from a subculture of viewers who were not put off by its peculiar drug-theory blend, or obtuse vocabulary, or pointed socio-economic commentary. IS The film that should have cemented Ferrara's status with both mainstream independent and underground audiences, then, had the reverse effect ofsolidifYing his status as a primarily underground director. But it also expanded his fan base within the underground, extending it beyond the audience for films like and Bad Lieutenant ( 1 992) to the audience for films like Nadja (Michael Almereyda, 1 9 94) the ever-popular Night ofthe Living Dead (George A.

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