Amateur Telescope Making Advanced (Book Two) by Tonkin S. F.

By Tonkin S. F.

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New Developments in Semiconductor Physics

This quantity comprises lecture notes and chosen contributed papers offered on the overseas summer season tuition on New advancements in Semiconductor Physics held on the collage of Szeged, July 1-6, 1979. the most important a part of the contributions during this quantity is expounded to the hot experimental technics and theoretical rules utilized in study of latest semiconductor fabrics, normally III-V semiconductors.

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Roughly speaking, the nodes are supposed to represent different fields of study. This could be done at various levels of detail. For example, we could draw a network wherein nodes represent things like “physics” and “mathematics”, or we could add more specific nodes representing things like “quantum computing” and “algebraic topology”. We could even go down to the level having nodes representing individual concepts, ideas, and equations. I do not want to be too precise about where to set the threshold for a least digestible unit of knowledge, but to avoid triviality it should be set closer to the level of individual concepts than vast fields of study.

Elsevier, 2008. 50013-3. My God, It’s Full of Clones: Living in a Mathematical Universe Marc Séguin Abstract Imagine there’s only math—physics is nothing more than mathematics, we are self-aware mathematical substructures, and our physical universe is nothing more than a mathematical structure “seen from the inside”: that’s what Max Tegmark’s Mathematical Universe Hypothesis (MUH) proposes. In this paper, I will discuss some consequences of the MUH. While Tegmark claims that the MUH implies the existence of an enormous but finite multiverse (to avoid the measure problem that occurs when you try to calculate probabilities within an infinite ensemble), I will argue that it implies the existence of the largest imaginable multiverse, the Maxiverse, where every imaginable conscious observation is guaranteed to happen.

Nonetheless, my theory suggests that the project of finding higher level connections that encompass more of human knowledge is still a fruitful one. It prevents our network from having an unwieldy number of direct links, allows us to share more common vocabulary between fields, and allows an individual to understand more of the world with fewer theories. Thus, the search for a theory of everything is not fruitless; I just do not expect it to ever terminate. Secondly, my theory predicts that the mathematical representation of fundamental physical theories will continue to become increasingly abstract.

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