American Survival Guide (September/October 2015)

Arrange your self kin for whilst catastrophe moves. Step-by step directions on easy methods to offer power in your domestic, develop and look after your onw nutrients, organize a first-aid package, make water drinkable.

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CHARCOAL IMAGE BY THINKSTOCK CAST IRON MAINTENANCE To protect your Dutch oven’s seasoning, which provides its non-stick surface and some protection against rust, never scrub your oven with a metal scouring pad or steel wool the way you would a stainless steel pot. Heat water in your oven to loosen any food that’s sticking and use a thin plastic scraper if necessary. Never pour cold water into a hot oven. Acidic foods, such as tomato sauce and baked beans, tend to deteriorate the oven’s seasoning, so after using your oven to prepare such foods, you might have to re-season it.

Oh, that’s very familiar” most of them will say. Then I will pull up a root, which is a long carrot-like white taproot. It’s very woody, but the skin can be readily peeled off. I give each one a piece of this root, and let them smell again. The odor of the root is much more pungent and unmistakable. I encourage them to taste a bit. “Tastes like radish,” most will say. Yes, indeed! It smells and tastes like radish because that’s what it is. For most people, the root of the wild radish (Raphanus sativus and Raphanus raphanistrum) bears little resemblance to the little round red things purchased in supermarkets.

Temperature: The warmer the meat is, the quicker that bacteria will set in and the quicker the meat will start to spoil. Field dressing the removal of internal organs is the quickest way to cool down the animal’s body temperature. Once the organs are removed, propping the body open with a stick or packing it with snow or ice will cool it faster. ” FINISHING UP Your deer is now field dressed and ready to be dragged out for skinning and final processing. Though many hunters take their deer to professional butchers for these next steps, they can be done at home or at your camp.

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