American Veterans on War: Personal Stories from WW II to by Elise Forbes Tripp

By Elise Forbes Tripp

The us is embroiled in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan—wars that appear as faraway from Americans’ knowing as they're far-off from our shores.

With American Veterans on struggle, Elise Forbes Tripp brings our present wars and their predecessors domestic within the phrases of fifty five veterans elderly 20 to ninety. The veterans increase questions on while wars are worthy scuffling with, what missions can and can’t be gained, and the prices and merits folks intervention, either worldwide and regionally. fresh veterans inform wrenching tales of dealing with adversarial forces with out uniforms, of now not understanding who's pal or foe, and of the lasting strains of wrestle as soon as they’ve back home.

American Veterans on battle presents a sweeping review of three-quarters of a century of yankee wars, thoroughly grounding that heritage within the phrases of the lads and girls whose our bodies have been at the line.

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For two years, this group made the writing process much less painful. Finally, thanks to Professor Susan Gillman, who not only encouraged me, but also helped me shape the writing. Page 1 One Introduction Let's bomb them back into the stone age. Air Force General Curtis LeMay The wise man shuts his mouth, the strong man folds his arms. Vietnamese proverb The Vietnamese are absent from the history of American policy formation, just as much as they are absent from most of these novels. They were in the scenery, but they were not anything that we were really looking at.

Page 3 This mythologizing has also been present from the beginning of political discourse about the war. S. politics and culture, the ethnocentrism of globalist thinking has not been immediately obvious. The mythic patterns predispose Americans to focus solely on the United States, to the exclusion of Viet Nam, and this exclusion is one of the reasons so little has changed in the ongoing discourse about the war. This mythology is part of the American cultural fabric, and few individuals have been able to transcend that mythology to challenge the ethnocentrism of the discourse.

Despite the dozens and dozens of books I had read, these were stories I knew nothing of. I read an essay by a student who had walked, with his family, across Cambodia to Thailand. I read an essay by a young woman who had been on a boat boarded by Thai pirates; her grandfather had dressed her as a boy, so she was the only woman on the boat who was not raped and murdered. I realized that there was more involved in the war than I, as an American, had ever been led to believe. But I still did not know much.

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