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The phenomenon has been invoked in several cosmical applications, such as the formation of an ionosphere at the Jovian satellite Io (Cloutier et al. 1978), the interaction of the solar wind with gas clouds (Lindeman et al. 1974; Gold and Soter 1976), with comets (Haerendel 1986; Galeev et al. 1986), with planetary atmospheres (Luhmann 1988), and with the interstellar medium (Petelski et al. 1980; Petelski 1981). Thus, the phenomenon may have important astrophysical implications. 7 Plasma Pinches and Instabilities 31 Fig.

Conversely, in many applications a cold beam is desired and the heating of the beam by the onset of instabilities is an undesired property. The instability leading to the filamentation of the beam is known as the “slipping steam” or “diocotron”8 and occurs when charge neutrality is not locally maintained, for example, when electrons and ions separate. 13) 28 1 Cosmic Plasma Fundamentals which gives rise to a shear in the drift velocity. 15) is called the cross-field electron beam parameter (Buneman et al.

15) are exactly the magnetron equations (cf. “Buneman Small Amplitude Theory” in Collins, Microwave Magnetrons 1948), except that ni = 0 in a properly vacuum-pumped magnetron. 20 depicts both the vortices of a 90 kA electron beam etched onto a carbon witness plate and those of a 58-μ A electron beam detected by a sensitive fluorescent screen. Therefore, in the laboratory, well-defined vortices are found to occur over some 12 orders of magnitude in beam current. This mechanism was first introduced to explain auroral curtains (Fig.

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