An Introduction to Scientific Communication by Перекальская Т.К., Выгонская Л.Н. (ред.)

By Перекальская Т.К., Выгонская Л.Н. (ред.)

Учебное пособие ставит своей задачей формирование навыков научной коммуникации на английском языке с целью оптимизации лингвистического сообщения и предназначено для студентов и аспирантов механико-математического факультета МГУ.

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Communication of this type may be described as weak communication, and the resulting implicatures as weak implicatures. A conclusion is weakly implicated if its recovery helps with the construction of a satisfactory overall interpretation, but is not essential because the ostensive stimulus provides evidence for a wide array of roughly similar conclusions, any of which would do. Thus, Jack’s gaze and sigh above convey a wide array of weak implicatures: he shares an impression with Lily rather than conveying a definite message.

Consider Scenario One below in the light of Grice’s photograph example (see p. 24 above): Scenario One: I am a private detective, hired by Mr X to follow Mrs X (he suspects that she is having a relationship with Mr Y). I have taken a photograph of Mrs X and Mr Y together; the quality is poor (I used a telephoto lens, and there is a little camera-shake), and a blurred image of the couple can only just be seen in the distance (though on close inspection it is unmistakably them). There is a subtle, but to my mind clear, difference between this photograph example and Grice’s original one.

In outlining his theory of conversation, one of Grice’s main aims was to cast light on some of what he regarded as ‘illegitimate applications’ (1989, p. 3) of certain philosophical ‘manoeuvres’ by members of the ordinary language philosophy movement. 1 Jerry Fodor’s chief objection to modern pragmatic programmes (an objection shared by Chomsky) is that the processes involved in utterance interpretation are ‘global’ rather than ‘local’: any type of information, drawn from any domain, may make a difference to the outcome of the interpretation process, and in Fodor’s view such processes are not amenable to scientific study (Fodor 1983).

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