Armor in Vietnam, A Pictorial History by Jim Mesko

By Jim Mesko

Squadron sign guides In motion F9F Panther Cougar #1051 U3

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Throughout the next few days, we saw no other people. We only heard sporadic firing nearby. Frequently we would hear a loud gun go off, followed by automatic fire. The firing would build in intensity and then gradually taper off. I wasn’t sure if it was antiaircraft fire or other defensive fires.

Generally, these targets were developed from leads generated at the local level and fed back through the Census Grievance representatives or RD Cadre teams working in the hamlets and villages. We also received leads from informants working for the Vietnamese military S-2s. I do not remember ever generating a plan or an operation from intelligence from a higher echelon, but the Vietnamese did this on occasion, as it should be. Our operation was delayed a day because a Korean unit was in the area.

On the other side, there was another water trough, and I kneeled on the rim, facing a window and door. Vaughn was lying on the floor. Bob had taken up a position looking out another window. On the second night, 1 February 1968, Bob noticed two figures moving outside. By their movements, we could tell they were Jim Harris and Bob Ennis. We called to them in a whisper and guided them into our building through a back door. They soon joined us and told us of their story of taking refuge in the main building of this compound.

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