Astronomy and Cosmogony by James Hopwood Jeans

By James Hopwood Jeans

This moment variation, initially released in 1929, is an in depth survey on the vanguard of cosmology and astronomy with specific connection with the actual nation of topic, the constitution, composition and life-cycle of stars, and the superstructures of nebulae and galaxies. meant as a rigourously argued clinical treatise, each attempt used to be made through denims to render the result of far-reaching developments in cosmology intelligible to a huge variety of readers.

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The Rebirth of Nature: The Greening of Science and God

Rupert Sheldrake, one of many world's preeminent biologists, has revolutionized medical considering along with his imaginative and prescient of a dwelling, constructing universe--one with its personal inherent reminiscence. within the Rebirth of Nature, Sheldrake urges us to maneuver past the centuries-old mechanistic view of nature, explaining why we will now not regard the area as inanimate and purposeless.

The Cosmic Web: Mysterious Architecture of the Universe

J. Richard Gott used to be one of the first cosmologists to suggest that the constitution of our universe is sort of a sponge made from clusters of galaxies intricately attached via filaments of galaxies--a brilliant constitution now referred to as the "cosmic web" and mapped commonly by way of groups of astronomers.

Three Views on Creation and Evolution (Counterpoints)

For Christians, the problems raised via the several perspectives on production and evolution are not easy. Can a "young earth" be reconciled with a universe that looks to be billions of years previous? Does medical proof element to a God who designed the universe and existence in all its complexity? 3 perspectives on construction and Evolution offers with those and comparable matters because it seems to be at 3 dominant colleges of Christian suggestion.

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