Astroparticle Physics: Proceedings of the First Ncts by Guey-Lin Lin, Kin-Wang Ng, Husain Athar

By Guey-Lin Lin, Kin-Wang Ng, Husain Athar

Complaints fo the 1st NCTS Workshop. includes precise articles through theorists and experimentalists within the newly constructing box of astroparticle physics. a few of the issues comprise: neutrinos in astroparticle physics, giant bang nucleosynthesis, string thought and cosmology.

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The CMB anisotropy allows for a determination of the curvature of the Universe. Therefore, while one can not determine unambiguously the value of O ma tt er , one can fix the sum of the matter and dark energy (cosmological constant) contributions. This is shown in Fig. 15 from the frequentist analysis in 39 . When combined with high redshift supernovae measurements indicating that the Universe is currently accelerating 47 , one would conclude that the dark energy constitutes about 65 % of the closure density leaving the remaining 35 % for matter.

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