Automated Data Analysis Using Excel by Brian D. Bissett

By Brian D. Bissett

Software program improvement should be one of many extra difficult jobs on the planet, basically simply because builders spend loads of time studying why issues that are supposed to paintings don't paintings. every so often a trojan horse within the software itself prevents a estate or approach from functioning thoroughly or perhaps in any respect. The extra regimen the applying, the fewer most likely the developer is to run into difficulties as many of the insects will have already got been found and both mounted or have had a few form of paintings round easily released and on hand to be used.

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The point here is that the programmer can “build” the string variable to represent any Range that is desired. The following is an example to illustrate the point. Suppose it was desired to print out the letters of the alphabet to a Worksheet in a specific manner. What if the specification called for a letter to be added to each cell columnwise, and after the third column (C) was filled, the letters should be added restarting at the first column but one row down (so as not to overwrite the previous additions)?

True/False 'MatchCase = differentiate between upper and lower case? DisplayAlerts = TRUE ? Print Msg$ End Select End Function The FindPos function returns the position in “R1C1” format, of the specified text string cellcts$, which contains the cell contents to be searched for.

Print Chr(65) will print “A” to the immediate (debug) window. In this example, the ColPos variable increments from 1 to 3. To return the corresponding character representative of the column to be included in the Range function, the ColPos variable is added to 64 in the Chr() function. This will result in Chr(65), Chr(66), or Chr(67) being called, which will return an “A,” “B,” or “C,” respectively. Also notice the snippet of code Trim(Str(RowPos)), which builds the row position of the CellRange$ variable.

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