Blood Oath (Babylon 5, Book 3) by John Vornholt

By John Vornholt

Whilst a ruthless ambassador is assassinated, protection leader Garibaldi and Commander Susan Ivanova sign up for the victim's enraged assistant Na'Toth in a look for the killer, purely to discover themselves the ambitions of a blood oath.

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Well, as the great Mark Twain said, the reports of my death were greatly exaggerated! I will tell you of my adventure over dinner tonight, Captain. " Vin'Tok cocked his head and smiled, apparently taken off guard by another Narn homily. He issued some orders to his crew, and Garibaldi looked at Ivanova only to find that her brow was deeply furrowed in thought. " he whispered. " She frowned in thought. " Garibaldi looked around. " A hatch opened, and two crew members came in to pick up the passengers' luggage and coats.

One last step, Leffler knew. Oh, yes, his face. His face! But there was no record of his face, even though the white hand swirled around the dingy shack trying to find it. There were only voices. "You are listed on the roster," a voice roared in his ears. "But I have to see you to make positive identifica-tion. "Turn over please. Turn over please. But the figure was as motionless as a stone. Like a slap to the face, the Narn's words struck him: "I don't wish to vomit all over you! I have a virus...

He always liked to sit at the back of a vessel, where he could keep an eye on everybody else, so he wandered in that direc-tion. Still embedded in her own thoughts, Ivanova trailed after him. Garibaldi pulled the molded bar down over his head and lifted his eyebrows at Ivanova. The Narns kept watch on their four passengers until each one was safely strapped into his or her own seat. Only then did they leave them alone in the transport section. A few aisles away, Na'Toth and Al were chatting like old friends, although it sounded as if they were now talk-ing about restaurants instead of sex.

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