Balook by Piers Anthony

By Piers Anthony

Within the wake of technological breakthroughs, a nine-ton prehistoric balook is delivered to lifestyles and befriended via a boy named Thor, but if the starting to be creature breaks out of his compound, a chaotic romp ensues. Reprint.

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He called back. She turned away. He wasn't sure why. She couldn't be jealous of his restored rapport with Balook. Maybe it was that she was too formally dressed to do the same with Theria at the moment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------So they where reunited, and more, for now Balook had a family, and Thor was part of it, like an uncle. It was not that the rhino didn't care who played with his calf; the approach of any stranger, human or animal, brought a warning snort, and ominous stomping of the heavy feet.

But by the time he got here, she was over it. " In heat. Why hadn't he realized? No wonder Balook had battered down all obstacles! Thor had seen the neighborhood transformed when some animal was in heat. Dogs, catsthe female gave out a smell that carried wherever the wind went, and every male of the species responded. Docile pets became unmanageable, until that odor faded. So all the pieces had fallen into place. Balook had grown up. Thor was superfluous. So was Barb, as far as Theria went. Nothing they could do could change that.

Pooh, the miniature bear, looked alertly up at him. Thor reached in and picked up the creature; it stood some twenty centimeters tall at the shoulders and weighed only a few kilograms: the size of an average cat. It was friendly, because Thor had befriended it. But for the secrecy regulations, it could have been given to some family as a pet. Instead, it spent its time in this bleak cage, lonely. Lonely. How well Thor understood! He glanced at his right forearm, where the faint scars of teeth marks showed.

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