Barriers by Kathleen Culligan Techler

By Kathleen Culligan Techler

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Drew shot Marya a withering glance before turning to Penelope. ” Penelope agreed. ” She strolled up the stairs behind Drew, leaving Marya and Walter downstairs. Marya heard Drew sigh as he climbed the stairs. “No, let’s just take it easy, can we? ” Penelope’s plaintive voice drifted down to Marya and Walter. Marya felt close to tears. It was her fault Drew hurt his back. And now Penelope was acting like a spoiled brat about it. Marya had apologized. What more could she do? Suddenly angry with them both, she bit her lip.

The sting destroys tissue, and keeps spreading. To stop it, the dead tissue has to be cut away. “Yuck! Thanks. ” Marya calmly reached for the vacuum cleaner. Drew snorted. “Little miss one-track-mind! ” Walter nodded. “Maybe we should give it up, Marya. ” BARRIERS Kathleen Culligan Techler 47 Marya noted Walter’s sad expression. “No, sir! ” Ignoring Drew’s scowl, she glanced at her watch. “Well, I’d better call it a day. Tomorrow’s Saturday. ” Walter’s face brightened. ” “Definitely! ” She turned toward the driveway.

The car door slammed. A man stepped out and strode toward the dock. Marya held her breath, hoping he wouldn’t notice her. You’re being ridiculous, she thought. But her heart was racing. The man came past the gazebo and glanced inside. Then he stopped and took a second look. ” Marya jumped to her feet, ran to him, and threw her arms around him. ” She sobbed. Drew’s arms closed around her, and he murmured, “It’s all right. ” Marya relaxed against his chest, feeling his warmth, his strength, the safety of his arms.

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