Basic wilderness survival skills : build shelters, safety by Bradford Angier; Lamar Underwood

By Bradford Angier; Lamar Underwood

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As a corollary we obtain the following important fact. 8 For any process g ∈ £2, the process X, defined by is an -martingale. In other words, modulo an integrability condition, every stochastic integral is a martingale . Proof Fix s and t with s < t. t. 5 we have STOCHASTIC CALCULUS AND THE ITÔ FORMULA 35 We have in fact the following stronger (and very useful) result. e. X has no dt-term. Proof We have already seen that if dX has no dt-term then X is a martingale. The reverse implication is much harder to prove, and the reader is referred to the literature cited in the notes below.

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